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Our company started because we understand the amount of time and energy that our users invest while searching for the perfect product to purchase. Our aim is to help them spend less time searching online with our all-in-one top 3 reviews and comparisons articles.

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At thetop3 we are transparent; we are committed to give both brands and readers transparent and honest opinions to smoothen a successful purchase journey. We are unbiased when it comes to our work. We write all our reviews and comparisons from an objective point of view, based on deep, detailed research, considering ourselves to be pathfinders; as we explore and research products in a different way so our readers can discover hidden specs they didn’t know they were looking for.

How We Do It
The way we earn money is by using different affiliate marketing programs. To be able to help our users with top insights, we may earn commissions from our retailer partners by promoting their products and services. These commissions, however, do not affect nor influence the placement of the products in our site. As we mentioned before, we are unbiased when writing about our partner brands.

We start at the core of our business; with our commercial team. They are in charge of selecting top advertisers from top affiliate networks. This enables us to inform our users about the best quality products. Once they have thoroughly selected the top brands to work with, our dedicated content writing team will begin with their own research to write interesting, engaging but most importantly, accurate reviews. Taking in consideration our targeted audience, they incorporate the right keywords to ensure that our site is always at the top of search engines. Some of our articles might take more time to be written, depending on the article type and language.
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