3 Worldwide Activities For Adrenaline Junkies You Did Not Know!

Do you consider yourself daring, are you looking for new sensations and do you like adrenaline? Then these heart-stopping destinations will suit you to a tee. Whether it’s jumping off out of a plane with a parachute, going white water rafting on a fast-moving river or skiing down a spiny mountain. These thrilling experiences should be on your bucket list. Here are the most chilling experiences every adrenaline junkie should experience.

Take a Closer Look at Our Top 3 Experiences for Adrenaline Junkies

Into the Blue
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Tandem Skydive
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£ 110,38
Xavage Park
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Ski Lessons
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Tandem Skydive by Into the Blue

Skydiving is most definitely reserved for the fearless. It’s not every day you voluntarily throw yourself out of a moving aircraft at 5,000ft, is it? Into The Blue work with parachute and skydiving jump centres throughout the UK offering tandem, static line and accelerated freefall courses.

This nationwide skydiving voucher covers loads of venues around the country. Offering maximum flexibility, there’s no need to choose which location you want to do your jump at when you buy your voucher. And when it comes to the falling out of the plane bit, the free-falling it’s quite serene and you enjoy a floaty feeling. It only lasts for around 30 seconds, so try to relish every moment!

  • Allow spending a full day at the airfield
  • Locations available nationwide
  • Jump with an experienced tandem instructor using a dual harness
  • Jump heights will vary depending on your chosen location and weather conditions on the day  
  • Most locations can arrange filming of your jump for an additional fee

Xavage Park by Xcaret

At Xavage Park from Xcaret, you will choose between six activities to show your skills. Paddle a kayak along two circuits of canals, climb a Ropes Course with different levels of adventure and obstacles or fly through a zip-line in a horizontal position to enjoy the view from above. Board a Jet Boat that will take unpredictable turns, drive an all-terrain vehicle by unusual paths, and team up through the only whitewater rapids in Cancun and Riviera Maya

Xavage is the new park in Cancun that has adventures for everyone. Whether you consider yourself an adrenaline lover, or just someone looking for a fun day out trying new things, you’ll find something for you at Xavage. You can have the adventure your way, as all the activities can be done as many times as you like. Finally, you can satisfy your adventurous appetite without limitations, either at the Xnack or with a huge variety of food and non-alcoholic beverages at the buffet.

Grupo Xcaret | Hoteles Xcaret
  • Children from 5 to 11 pay half the admission price
  • Delicious food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Safety equipment for all activities
  • Only sunblock and sunscreen containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide are allowed in the park
  • Bring cash or credit cards to buy souvenirs and for personal expenses

Sky Lessons by SnowWorld

For many snow lovers, this is a much-desired getaway to change the routine. Perhaps with this post, more than one of you will be drooling, because there are beautiful places full of nature and emotion. One of those places is SnowWorld. In the park, you can ski 365 days a year, thanks to its incredible facilities in Netherlands.

Learn to ski or snowboard with all the personalised attention? Or are you perfectly prepared for winter sports with a group of friends? With a private lesson, hire an instructor for yourself or groups of up to 4 people. Every year, more than 300 qualified instructors give around 148,000 hours of skiing and snowboarding lessons at SnowWorld. Indoors you always get lessons in perfect snow conditions – book a lesson or course now and experience it for yourself!

Club SnowWorld | SnowWorld Landgraaf
  • Skiing can improve your fitness
  • You can improve your coordination skills
  • Locations all over the Netherlands
  • Tracks and instructors subject to availability
  • Injuries are rather common

Don’t miss these adrenaline experiences! Enjoy your holidays with any of them and have an extremely fun time. Which one was your favourite? Take a chance!

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