These Are the Must-Have Home and Garden Items You Need to Add Now!

Although home decoration is very personal, many objects are essential to make our stay more pleasant and safe. Discover the essential items you should add to your home right now!

Want to add a special touch to your favourite corner of your home? Whether it’s your study area, bedroom or favourite room, the LED Neon Light from Thelightzey is perfect for adding personality to any space.
The bed is fundamental to getting a good night’s sleep. Divan Beds Centre is an online shop with multiple choices of luxurious and comfortable beds, with various layers of soft fillings for hours of sleep.
Divan Beds Centre
Stop losing sleep over being awake. The Remy Sleep weighted blanket features a unique 360° zip system to keep the duvet attached to the cover and the weight evenly distributed. Available in five weight categories and with a cosy, plush removable cover, it replaces your duvet for a better night’s sleep.
Remy Sleep
A rug always adds a warm touch, which is why, in winter, they are the best allies of our home. Rugsdirect has a wide range of traditional and modern living room rugs. You’ll find many styles and colours, from contemporary designs with sophisticated geometric and Moroccan-inspired patterns to classic Persian and Oriental rugs with a more traditional feel.
Pillows support the lower body by forcing the correct anatomical alignment of the spine, hips, legs and knees. REM-Fit specialises in advanced pillows that prevent snoring and play music, to pillows that always keep your head cool and offer outstanding comfort.
Find the perfect dining table at Cox and Cox to suit your space and interior design. This is the only online shop with a high-quality selection of sturdy and stylish tables, from practical side tables and desks – perfect for the home office – to low, sleek coffee tables and space-saving nesting tables.
Cox and Cox
Gardens are not only beautiful; they also add an extra element of joy to a home. They are a quiet, peaceful place where we can seek solace and enjoy Mother Nature’s wonders. At Easylife, you can find everything you need to make your garden brighter, more colourful and more comfortable.
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