Top 3 Chocolatey Treats to Lift Your Mood

Sometimes, when the weather isn’t nice and you have too many work meetings, your mood may take a dip, that’s completely normal! But just as quickly as it sinks, eating a few delicious chocolates will lift your mood up in no time. We all know the secret to a happy life includes sweets, and what’s sweeter than chocolate? Nothing at all.

We’re choco-addicts over here so this review is very important to us, we want the best and we want you to have the best, too. So, without further ado:

Check out the Top 3 chocolatey treats that will definitely lift your mood:

Milking Maid
Truffle Jar
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Desserts Hat Box
48 Chocolates
Lily O’Brien’s
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Dorset Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Box
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It’s hard to eat only oneof Montezuma’s smooth and creamy, milk chocolate truffles, at a time. The Milking Maid truffles will test your willpower, once you start, just try and stop! This glass jar filled with delicious milk chocolate truffles is exactly what you need to lift your mood after a long day!

Top Features

  • Fit for vegetarians.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Uses ethical cocoa sourced from plantations that meet the strict “Trading Fairly Policy”.
  • The Business Done Properly policy ensures that the staff, customers, communities and the environment are well taken care of.

Desserts Hat Box 48 Chocolates

This Keepsake Hat Box is the perfect gift to “Wow” somebody special. Each box is an indulgent assortment chocolates inspired by the world’s best loved dessert and pudding recipes. Each chocolate box contains 48 chocolates including milk, dark and white chocolates including Hazelnut Torte, Passion Fruit Posset, Banoffee Pie, Creme Brulee, Raspberry Infusion and Key Limey Pie.

Top features

  • Each chocolate box contains 48 chocolates.
  • At Lily O’Brien’s they are passionate about creating amazing and innovative chocolate recipes.
  • Has received numerous awards over the past decade in recognition of the quality and taste of its products

Dorset Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Box

This is the Dorset version of this classic flavour combination and is one of Chococo’s most popular flavours, as well as winning a coveted 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award in 2020! Proud of using local ingredients, they add smoked sea salt from the Dorset Sea Salt Company based on Portland in West Dorset to our fresh caramel.

Key features

  • Winner of 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2020.
  • 72% Ecuador origin dark chocolate shell.
  • Plastic-free packaging.

We bet you’re in the mood for chocolate, now! After reading about all of these delicious treats, who wouldn’t be? We’re placing our orders as we type. Go ahead and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts below.


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