Top 3 Destinations for Christmas

One standout holiday in this festive season is Christmas, and as you know, you have to reward yourself take it as giving back to your body for a year’s work of running at peak performance nonstop. One way you can do so is by going on vacation, which can be complicated since picking a Christmas destination can be challenging, but don’t let that worry you. We at Top 3, along with Caledonian Travel, have compiled a list of the top 3 Christmas destinations we are sure you’d love, so keep reading.

Top Features:

  • Find amazing ancient sites
  • Long, deserted sandy beaches
  • Spectacular scenery and landscape
  • Stunning sea cliffs

Ideal for: Donegal is ideal for families, friends, and couples seeking quiet and private time together but still having the option to create some memories.

Top Features:

  • Vibrant and colorful cultural experience
  • The amazing seaside resorts
  • Multiple activities for families
  • Sea life aquarium

Ideal for: Brighton is an ideal Christmas destination for those who aren’t afraid of wanting to celebrate Christmas in a whole different way. Also, Brighton is perfect for families seeking a quality bonding time

Top Features:

  • The wildlife that includes red squirrels, deer, otters, and golden eagles
  • Long, deserted sandy beaches
  • Often referred to as Scotland in Miniature
  • Great place for a peaceful Christmas

Ideal for: The Isle of Arran is ideal if you are seeking a break from the loud, polluted city life. It is also ideal for couples who want to enjoy a lovely private vacation.

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