Top 3 Phones To Give as a Gift This Christmas

Nowadays, a phone is essential as it helps you run your everyday errands smoothly. Do you have one yourself? Not having a phone can cost you a lot, from struggles stopping taxis since you can’t request an uber to feeling isolated from your family or friends. You know you can’t let this happen and wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone you know. This article from Top 3 will show you some of the best phones you can gift yourself or someone this festive season by clicking on their website.

Top Features:

  • Unique primary camera with 48 megapixels.
  • A screen that can be up to twice as vivid in direct sunlight.
  • If the iPhone 14 Pro detects a severe traffic accident, it will immediately dial 911 and alert the appropriate parties.
  • A powerful 6-core processor that quickly and easily multitasks through large programs.

Ideal for: Because of the crash detection feature that calls 911 if an accident occurs, this iPhone is ideal for those spending most of their time on the road. This feature can save your life or another person’s in case of an accident.

Top Features:

  • Superior scratch and drop resistance thanks to an Armour Aluminium design.
  • Offers a Programmable Refresh Rate Between 10Hz and 120Hz.
  • Wireless networking using Wi-Fi 6 and 5G2 for increased throughput and reliability.
  • The battery life of the Galaxy S22 is extraordinary at 3,700mAh3.

Ideal for: This smartphone was made with the artist in mind who wants to record everything. It has cutting-edge features that let users record stunning films even in dim lighting, making every day (and night) feel more epic than ever.

Top Features:

  • This phone has a superior battery capacity of 4600mAh.
  • It has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 4nm 5G SoC processor.
  • Always-on HDR technology allows for seamless real-time upscaling of standard dynamic range (SDR) videos to high dynamic range.
  • The cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 and robust GPU Turbo X ensure fast and reliable communications and gameplay.

Ideal for: Magic-Log is made for you if you want to make movies using your smartphone.
Anyone can use this phone to film movies professionally, capturing more information and a more comprehensive dynamic range than ever before.


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