Top 3 Travel Insurance You May Need

Travelling plans comes with a lot of excitement and expectations. However, many risks are associated with travellings, such as accidents, baggage loss, cancellation of trips, and medical emergencies, which may dull your long-awaited holiday. The risks can cause inconveniences and finally lead to failed or delayed travel plans. StaySure Travel Insurance mitigates all possible risks and makes your travel plans successful. 3 top travel insurances you may need while going abroad for a holiday are:


Single trip travel insurance

Top Features:

  • The insurance covers all medical expenses, including pre-existing conditions,
  • It covers cash lost or stolen during travel.
  • Single trip travel insurance mitigates cost risks that come with trip cancellations.
  • It covers lost or damaged baggage when travelling or during the holiday.

Ideal for: It is ideal for one round trip to one or more destinations. With a pre-existing medical condition, you won’t have to worry about costs that may arise. Single trip insurance has no upper age limit and thus covers all ages.


Medical travel insurance

Top Features:

  • Medical Travel Insurance offers comprehensive medical insurance for all pre-existing conditions.
  • It offers unlimited emergency medical expenses coverage with no upper age limit.
  • It offers a 24-hour emergency helpline to talk to health care provider
  • Provides all Covid-19 medical expenses coverage while abroad.

Ideal for: Medical travel insurance by Staysure is the best health policy as it covers all pre-existing medical conditions and associated costs. The policy covers all your worries about the worst medical-case scenario during your holidays. If you are looking for a 24-hour emergency helpline to talk to a qualified healthcare provider, your medical travel insurance policy has your back.


Long stay Travel Insurance

Top Features:

  • Unlimited comprehensive cover for medical emergencies and repatriation
  • Up to €5000 covers trip cancellations
  • Up to € 500 basic cover for cutting the holiday short
  • Baggage claims of up to € 300 for basic cover and € 2,500 for comprehensive cover.

Ideal for: Long stay travel insurance is the best policy if you have plans to visit friends or families abroad and stay between 3-18 months. It is a flexible policy option to give comprehensive medical cover for all pre-existing and other medical emergencies that will come when abroad. If you are looking for an unlimited number of gadgets, cover for up to € 2,000 against accidental loss, damage, or theft.


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