Top 5 Biggest Pride Parades

June is commonly known as the Pride month. During this time, many Pride parades are organized across the globe to bring about sensitization of the LGBTQ+ community. Depending on the choice, Pride can mean the feeling of freedom, validation, celebrating survival, acceptance, and respect. To most people, Pride is more than just glitters and rainbows. Here are some of the biggest Pride parades ever witnessed.

New York

New York City’s pride parade is one of the biggest in the world, with over 1 million people attending each year (though it can get crowded). It takes place every June during gay pride month. It draws people from all over who want an opportunity to show their individuality while supporting equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This parade is open to all members of the LGBT community and their allies throughout San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, where it takes place each year on Sunday afternoon during June or July, depending on when it falls on a weekend (it’s always held on a Saturday). The biggest crowd was on June 26, 2019, when it brought together close to 5 million people.

Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Pride Parade is one of the biggest and most well-known in the world. It takes place at the end of June and attracts more than 200,000 people every year. The parade features floats from big-name companies and music and dancing from local businesses and organizations. It’s known as one of the largest in the world and attracts people from all over who come together to celebrate their identities and love for their community. In 2019, it brought together more than 250,000, which is a huge number given its population.

The San Francisco Pride Parade

This one also takes place every June, but instead of being held on a street like most other parades, it takes place along Market Street. This is the main commercial boulevard in San Francisco and attracts close to 1 million spectators yearly. It is also known for having some of the best corporate sponsorships in any pride parade across all periods (which means you’ll see some pretty incredible floats). It had 1.8 million attendants in 2015, and the numbers keep growing.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Pride is one of the biggest pride parades in the world. It takes place every June and is often called the “Gay Christmas” because of how much fun everyone has during the event. It runs along Hollywood Boulevard, and it’s a massive event that draws hundreds of thousands of people. The parade is full of floats, music, dancing, and general merriment. The celebration is all about love and acceptance and is held annually on the second weekend of June. The largest Pride was more than 2 million attendees in 2019.

Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade has been taking place since 1997 and is one of Brazil’s largest annual events, and it’s not just for gays. People of all sexual orientations participate in this celebration of diversity and acceptance, with more than 250,000 attendees each year. These Pride parades are all about fun, freedom, and community. They all have one thing in common: they’re always full of people who love each other, are proud of who they are, and don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. The biggest parade was in June 2017, attracting 5 million people.

Pride means that the LGBTQ+ is free to be themselves and celebrate the progress that they have had over the years. The biggest pride parades in the world aren’t just a celebration of love. They’re a celebration of diversity. Whether you’re LGBTQ+ or not, these parades are worth seeing.

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