Top 5 Initiatives Ready to Change the World/ World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) was formed in 1972 by the United Nations general assembly, which designated the 5th of June as a day to celebrate our environment. Every 5th of June, we commemorate the anniversary of our commitment to mother nature. The first celebration of World Environment Day was in 1973 under the theme “Only One Earth,” where challenges impacting our environment from poaching, air pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution, food security, and sustainable consumption, among others, are addressed.

2022 WED Slogan: Only One Earth

This year’s World Environment Day slogan is a recap of the first time celebration in Stockholm in 1972; 50 years later, “Only One Earth” resonating our commitment to protecting the environment. The theme focuses on promoting living sustainably and harmoniously with nature. Additionally, it seeks to address how we can develop policies and shift individuals’ lifestyle choices to greener ones.

International organizations, communities, governments, and local companies will maximize on WED to promote global transformation changes to a greener climate change.

Concert for climate

The first initiative on the event checklist was hosting a concert for a climate in the WED host nation Sweden. Several musicians performed in the Stockholm concert for the environment. The concert aims at raising and promoting awareness to protect environmental and human health and to cease deforestation by 2030. Julian Lennon and Julian Marley are the artists who graced the concert’s stage.

The UN-REDD, an envoy formed by the UN to be an advisory and to provide knowledge on climate change, has significantly aided to reduce emissions that are equivalent to 150 million cars. Since its creation in 2008, they have mobilized approximately US $1 billion in the fight against climate change. Concerts are the best ways of creating and promoting climate change awareness.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

These three concepts provide critical initiatives in the fight against climate change. Reduce means that we should minimize purchasing products that come with single-use packaging and encourage using bags that can be reused or recycled. Secondly, we should go for quality products in case they can be repaired rather than buying new ones. Thirdly we should recycle items that we no longer use either by selling them as second hand or giving them as charity.

Consider riding a bicycle or carpooling

With the recent covid 19 pandemic, we witnessed many changes in how we carried ourselves, especially working from home, which boosted the climate change as fewer people were driving to work, reducing emissions. If possible, we should opt for riding or walking to shops, work like this not only benefits the environment but also help us maintain shape and keep healthy.

Encouraging community clean up

Celebrating WED within communities by encouraging participation in community cleanup is a significant way of promoting mother nature and giving back to the community. Litter and trash collection, beach cleaning or clearing drainage, etc.

Build a garden

Making your garden is another way of celebrating and participating in World Environment Day. You can begin by planting trees and vegetables in your backyard. This provides oxygen and thus cleans the air, reduces waste, lower energy consumption, and saves money.

Word Environment Day is the most important international day to celebrate and appreciate mother nature. We all should participate in this exciting global outreach as it is influential to the environment and future generations. You should choose one initiative from the above by making it your hobby and be part of environmental heroes.

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